Does Madame Lemy Work?

Yes.  Who would think using simple natural ingredients could work so effectively?  After countless formulations, tons of trial and error, and even outright failure we stuck it out and arrived at what we believe to be success.  We were able to merge nature and luxury to what is now Madame Lemy.


Will I sweat?

Madame Lemy is not an antiperspirant, however it has natural starches to help absorb moisture and keep you clean and dry.  Remember the human body is meant to sweat.  Sweat does not cause odor, bacteria does.  Our deodorant helps to naturally fight off bacteria.


What is the detox phase ?

When switching from a synthetic antiperspirant to a natural deodorant, it is common for your body to take a couple weeks to detox the chemicals and regulate to normal human function.  Imagine it like spring cleaning for your sweat glands.  Over years of using chemical antiperspirants you have been blocking the bodies natural ability to sweat.  During the detox phase, it is normal to sweat more and smell stronger as your body is releasing what has been trapped.  Clear out the bad stuff.  Your body will thank you.


Why powder?

The luxury of Madame Lemy’s body powders harken back to a time long before mass produced, heavy chemical deodorants.  Our goal was to  create a product that a modern woman would have purchased during the Art Deco period.  Body powders had been used for centuries and most were made up of simple, natural ingredients.  Cheaply made chemical deodorants hit the market and became popular because they were marketed as time saving and convenient.  Over time the decadent and pampering feeling that powders provided slipped away.  Madame Lemy brings you back to luxury.


How to Apply:

Apply liberally to clean, dry skin. Pat powder into skin well. Repeat as needed. 

 Avoid broken or freshly shaved skin. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. 



How to store:

Store your deodorant in a cool and dry area.  


Can I refill my deodorant?

Absolutely.  We designed the packaging to be reusable and refillable.  Once you run out, simply purchase a refill bag from our site. Take out the sifter and refill.  


Is Madame Lemy Vegan?

Yes, we are both vegan and cruelty-free certified.  

As animal lovers, and advocates we will NEVER use animal ingredients or test on animals.  The safety and treatment of animals is so important to Madame Lemy, we have partnered with the phenomenal nonprofit Rescue Freedom Project (formerly known as the Beagle Freedom Project) to help bring an end to animal testing.

"Rescue Freedom Project is a US nonprofit that rescues and advocates for animals in laboratories. Since 2010, RFP has saved the lives of more than 600 animals from laboratory testing. These animals have been rehabilitated and placed in loving, patient, forever homes. RFP rescues all animals from labs in the US and abroad. During 2017, RFP rescued dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, goats, guinea pigs and pigs from labs in the US, Mexico, Korea and Hungary and passed laws in six states to improve the lives of captive animals. To learn more about RFP go to www.rfp.org.


To ensure you are only purchasing products that are cruelty-free, download the free app, Cruelty Cutter for your smartphone. Cruelty Cutter allows you to scan the barcodes of household, cosmetic and pet food products so you know, before you buy, if they were tested on animals or not. Learn more at www.cruelty-cutter.org."







When it comes to our health, knowledge is power.  Our mission is to bring awareness and education to women and young girls about skin care and how to shop for it.

When making the switch to natural deodorant, we hope Madame Lemy is the right brand for you.  More importantly, we want you as a consumer to have the knowledge to make the best possible choices when shopping for anything beauty related.

Cosmetic Laws in the United States

  • Only 11 chemicals are banned in cosmetics/skin care in the United States, compared to over a thousand chemicals banned in the European Union. 

  • Despite the growth in technology and use of new chemicals, the cosmetic laws in The United States have only had a handful of small changes in recent years. No significant cosmetic law has been passed or updated since 1938.  To put things into perspective, the last substantial update in cosmetic laws happened when Theodore Roosevelt was president.

  • “ Under U.S. law, cosmetic products and ingredients, other than color additives, do not need FDA approval before they go on the market. “ www.fda.gov

  • The word “Natural” is not regulated by the FDA.  So make sure to read the ingredient list, to ensure what you are purchasing is in fact made with only natural ingredients.

  • Don’t let marketing fool you.  Plants, fruits and certain colors found in nature are often used on packaging to convey to consumers the product is natural.  Always read the ingredient list to double check.

  • Lobbyists fought for the passing of a trade secret law protecting over three thousand chemicals from being disclosed, and can legally be hidden under the word “Fragrance.”  If you purchase a “natural product” that lists Fragrance as an ingredient, be aware there can be a few if not dozens of harmful chemicals hidden under that one word. 

  • As consumers, we should have the right to know the exact ingredients in our products.  Always remember we have more power than we think, we can make our voices heard with our wallet and what we choose to support.



Harmful Ingredients to Avoid in deodorants:

Aluminum Chlorides

Artificial Fragrance



Propylene Glycol








Naturally Sourced Ingredients we use:

From the Himalayas to Morocco to France, we carefully select and responsibility source all of our ingredients.

Here is a list of the ingredients we use and where they come from:


Arrowroot - Vietnam

Baking Soda - United States

Bergamot Essential Oil - Italy

Cornstarch - Austria 

Himalayan Salt - Pakistan 

Jasmine Essential Oil- Egypt

Lavender Essential Oil - Hungary

Lavender Flower - France

Lemon Essential Oil  - United States

Lemon Peel Powder- United States

Lime Essential Oil - Mexico

Lime Peel Powder - United States

Rose Essential Oil - Morocco

Rose Petals - Egypt

Vanilla Essential Oil - United States