"As a former beauty editor and cancer survivor, I have tested many natural deodorants over the past 15 years as a function of my job and in an effort to stop putting toxic ingredients onto, and into, my body. Some of them even made my natural body odor worse! I hated the sticky feel of the traditional antiperspirants and found the fact that they didn't easily wash off in the shower pretty disturbing. I started using a stick-form natural deodorant that worked decently but it was very scratchy and at times irritated the skin in my armpits. Then I tried Madame Lemy deodorant. To begin with. I was skeptical of the powder format because it was different than anything else I have used. I was shocked at how well it worked. I stay dry and odor free with every use. I have switched to using this product permanently and after a long time of testing, trying and disappointment, I'm so relieved!"

Emily Kate Warren Los Angeles, CA - Makeup Artist


“In the past I have used clinical strength deodorant of varying brands. I always knew that it probably wasn't good for me but figured being dry was worth it. At 30, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. I don't carry the BRCA gene, and of course we don't know how cancer spreads but ever since I have only used Madame Lemy’s deodorant. I just felt safer putting something completely natural on such an important part of my body. Not only that, I love the lavender smell and I love that the powder makes you feel dry immediately. It also doesn't get on your clothes, or if it does it's easy to just rub away. I am thankful it exists!”  

Alexa G. Makeup Artist, Brooklyn, NY


"I absolutely love Madame Lemy! For years, I have searched for a natural deodorant that provides exactly what Madame Lemy delivers: natural ingredients with lovely scents that provides long-lasting dryness and keeps me odor free all day long. After years of using another brand’s natural deodorant and needing to reapply throughout the day, I am grateful to finally have a product that keeps me dry and smelling fresh the whole day. I was elated to find that I even maintained dryness and freshness recently after completing a half marathon! I really love the scents and the application puff, which provide a pampering feeling that sets a sweet tone to the beginning of my day. I can’t wait to tell everyone I know about Madame Lemy!"

Kate Lamb, Licensed Professional Counselor, Montclair, NJ


“As someone who has struggled with excessive sweating and smell, I was on the verge of having my underarm sweat glands removed.  I have gone through ample deodorants, nothing has worked for me. Until I used Madame Lemy!  It’s a treat to apply with the puff, rather than a chore, it makes me feel very glamorous and smells lovely.  The powder once applied is invisible and nourishing to my sensitive skin – no irritation or itchiness. I love it!  It doesn’t leave any coloured residue on the skin or stain my clothes.  The most important bit: I cannot smell a thing.  Madame Lemy will continue to stay in my bathroom cabinet."  

Naheeda Khan, Architect  London, UK

“Madame Lemy deodorants are effective and all-natural.  Living in a hot and humid climate is a challenge, so using it throughout the day prevents stickiness.  It stops odor and absorbs moisture on contact, leaving me instantly dry and refreshed.  I have peace of mind knowing that I'm actually putting something good on my skin.  I truly enjoy using Madame Lemy’s natural deodorants and encourage others to try the entire line.”

Rose H. Oahu, Hawaii

"I love Madame Lemy,  it’s a natural, non-toxic deodorant that actually works!  I’ve tried other natural brands, but found that my armpits were always sweaty regardless of how much I applied. This deodorant manages to keep my pits dry throughout the day, even throughout an active aerobic or high intensity agility workout.  I love that when I jump in the shower it washes right off, I’m always alarmed when non-natural brands are stuck to my skin like glue even after vigorous scrubbing.  I also found the smells of other natural brands to not be very pleasing.  That’s the main reason why I love Madame Lemy, the scents are fantastic! Lavender and Rose are my favorites- they smell just like their names but not too overpowering. I’m a fan of this deodorant and love knowing that I’m treating my body with loving kindness by using a product that is ALL natural and NOT harmful to my body." -

Hayley K., Los Angeles, Actor

“I have been using Madame Lemy for the past year and it’s the loveliest smelling thing I have ever worn. I like it because of its super light texture. Whenever I use it in place of perfume I feel fresh all day and night.”

Jane Choi Restaurateur, Los Angeles